Reception at Stryx Gallery (First Edition)

Noise and silence. 
Crowd and loneliness. 
Two photographers. Two viewpoints. Two forms. 
Dualism. Synergism. Reception.

Reception at Stryx (First Edition)
was a photography show by Marcin Sz + Ian Jones. 

04/08/17 6pm - Exhibition Opening
05/08/17 - Photography Workshop
06/08/17 - Digbeth Photowalk
13/08/17 - Live performance closing event   

First edition of Reception included artist: Johnny Autin and Laura Vanhule from Autin Dance Theatre, Martin Green, Paul Henry Gittins, EIF and Xhosa Cole.

Reception: Autumn Conversations (Second Edition)

On photo Xhosa Cole

On photo Xhosa Cole

LIVE Electronic Music + LIVE Contemporary Dance + LIVE Visual Art in Digbeth!!!

Magical Art Circus made in Birmingham!!!

Premier of album Autumn Conversations by EIF and Xhosa Cole .


In the event, you will see:



EIF and Xhosa Cole

Rawtrachs DJ



Visual art:

Paul Henry Gittins

Martin Green

Ian Jones


Modern Dance:

Laura Vanhulle


On photo EIF

On photo EIF